Would the Clippers trade Griffin for Melo? Would the Nuggets accept it?

September 23, 2010

Would the Clippers trade Blake Griffin, a prospect with huge potential, for Carmelo Anthony, a young superstar? It’s an interesting topic to think about. Plus, would the Denver Nuggets be interested in shipping out their franchise player for a rookie that was out all season, but has sky high upside?

For the Clippers:

Baron Davis/Eric Gordon/Carmelo Anthony/Craig Smith?/Chris Kaman

Would Melo extend? If I was him, I sure as hell would. He has a veteran point guard in Baron Davis, who can score like the best of ’em, and create plays. At shooting guard, he has Eric Gordon, who had huge games with Team USA. He definitely has great potential. At the Center position, he has Chris Kaman, a 18/10 Center. So, he’s on a talented team that is only going to get better and better, and is located in Los Angeles, where is wifey recommends.

For the Nuggets:

Chauncey Billups/J.R. Smith/Blake Griffin/Kenyon Martin/Nene Hilario

So what happens to this team? They don’t necessarily have to start rebuilding. They still have a solid squad. This time around, Billups will be the team leader, just like he was in Detroit. Who knows, maybe Griffin can help lead this team to the playoffs? They sure have potential.

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